Conceptual model

Let’s go in more details of my EA model; based on the 6 domains (and related colors) we can identify the major components of the model .  Basically there are 2 type of components which are the “Entities” and the “Relationships”. Each entities represent a key piece of information in each domain, while the relationship describe a logical connection between 2 entities (both intra and cross domain).








Below you will find a more detailed description of this model:

In case an relationship is “1 to many” or “1 to 1” it is represented by a single line,

while if the relationship is “many to many” it is represented by an intermediate entity which map the relationship and also the “Level of support” (which means how strong the relationship is, or if you want, how much the Entity A contribute to Entity B).

Don’t worry we will go in more details soon.

Main entities belonging to the 6 different domain are listed below:

In the next  paragraph I will describe the main conceptual entities belonging to different domains.

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