In the following sections I would like to introduce a model for describing and analysing Enterprise Architecture, this model can be used either for mapping current situation (AS IS way of working) and for future evolution (TO BE target model).

This model is composed by different views, that together provide an overall description of an EA.

On top there is the Business Strategy, which describe what are business vision and objectives and which capabilities are needed (by an IT perspective to support this vision); this is typically a TO BE information.

Underneath the Strategy there is the Business Operating Model which describe how the company work today (AS IS) or  how it should work (TO BE). This description is made by the external view of the company (customer segment  served, product/service type produced, interaction channels, and customer journey) and the internal one (business departments and how they interact each other in terms of processes and activities).

The Business (Strategy and Operating Model) is sustained in some cases by IT Resources which can be summarized in 4 main areas:

  1. IT Architecture which contain both Application Architecture (which describe all modules/systems and all related interfaces and data entities managed) and  Infrastructure Architecture (which describe the physical resources where the application runs) in terms of datacentre Sites and Servers
  2. IT Projects which describe all initiative required to put in place new Capabilities
  3. IT Spending and IT Operational Model (how the IT use financial and staffing resources to deliver new Application and Infrastructure through initiatives and maintain them year over year and which are potential impact for new initiative not yet planned and budgeted.

I have assigned 6 different colours for these domains which we will reuse many times in following posts.