Download and install


For downloading MappIT (New frontend+ New database), please use following Links: MappIT Full.

Before installing please read carefully system requirements below and setup instructions.

All concepts used in this tools have been inspired by the MAPPIT IT Strategy Framework and Approach as described in our latest book:


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System Requirements

MappIT is a freeware tool that run under Microsoft Access runtime engine. Below the system requirements:

Full Installation procedure

To properly setup the application, please follow the following instructions.

It is REQUIRED to install the application in a user directory (where you have read/write permission) otherwise you will incur in problems during execution.

Launch MappIT.exe (with administrative permissions) and follow the setup wizard:

After clicking “Install” the wizard will configure all MappIT components and create icons in you desktop

Post-installation procedure

When Setup procedure is completed follow this step:

  1. (REQUIRED ONLY if you want to share the database repository within many users) Move MappIT_DB.mdb into a folder location that is shared and accessible from all your users
  2. Launch MappIT.mdb through your desktop Icon
  3. First time you launch MappIT some settings could be required:
    • Setup Security warnings clicking “Open” in the following message box.

    •  Setup MS Access runtime security setting (select one of below); my suggestion is to select “Use Reccomended Settings”

    • The first time the following dialog will appear:
    • Click No
    • After clicking No, the following screenshot appears:

  • Click “Yes” and the locate your MappIT_DB_2.5.mdb file; in this way MappIT will find all database information and can start to work properly.

Now the Homepage will be loaded and you will be ready to used MappIT!

The application have a sample database already installed; if you want to start empty go to “Tools” tab and under “Cleanup Tool” section, click on the “Delete DataSet” button; select all datasets (database tables) and click “Next” to delete the content.