TUTORIAL: How to export a skill map survey template and import skill survey results in MappIT

In this section I would like to explain how to effectively run a skill survey in order to quickly collect skill level of all people in your IT organization. This information are quite interesting for many purposes:

  • You can perform a skill assessment and analyse your current skill health
  • You can later perform a skill gap analysis (meaning that you can verify what is the skill discrepancies between your IT Organization current skill sets and the required one in order to run the proper Operating Model


  1. First of all you have to check the default MappIT definition of skill map (the list of skill categories and items) and in case adapt to you specific needs and context. For doing this you have to select the Skill item under the Governance section of the menu tree:

  1. A grid view Tab named “Skills” will appear, from here you can add or delete skill from the skill map or update some existing skill.



  1. For each skill you can define different attributes:
    1. Name
    2. Description
    3. Type of skill (the category to which the skill belong, for grouping reasons)
    4. Relative weight (it is used to weight in different way the skills when you evaluate the skill gap index during gap analysis)
    5. Notes

    You can also specialized some generic skills (like for example Functional Analysis) for specific Business Process Areas of for Specific Application Domains

  2. When you have finished you can start the Skill survey. The first step is to export a skill survey template. Got to Tools and clock on “Export Template”

  1. Then you have to select a folder where the Excel template will be created:

  1. Clicking OK on the form MappIT will generate a single XLS template file; you can customize this template based on your needs (for example changing colors, formatting the header, locking some cells…). When your template has been revised and you are ready to continue you can click ” ” on the following Msgbox.



  1. At this point, based on your template MappIT will generate in your folder a set of Excel file containing the skill map for each member of you organization.



NOTE: The name of the file contains the ID and the Name/Surname of your employee. The name of the file, the name of the contained sheet and the columns/row structure and names of the sheet should be kept unchanged otherwise during next Skill import MappIT will not be able to import the skill map.



  1. Now you can distribute the excel template to each person and ask for a self assessment. For this purpose each person must score their skill using the columns “Person_Score”.


  1. When all self assessment (or some of them, it is not required to do all at the same time) are completed you can start the import, going to the “Import Results” of the “Tools” tab:



  1. Then you have to select the folder where your excel results are stored:


  1. Clicking “OK” the import will be performed and the skill will be updated accordingly.


  2. Now you can go to see the skills set of your IT Organization selecting the “IT Organization” area in the Home:



  1. From here you can see the association of skills to the different persones and their related score clickin on the “Skills to Persons coverage map” tab:



  1. A matrix will be displayed containing the persons score for each skill of the different persons in your organization:


You can perform again the Import operation when new excel file will be ready.

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I'm an IT Consultant with many years of experiences in IT Architecture, IT Governance and IT Strategy projects in many Market Sectors (Telco, Finance, Retail...)
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