TUTORIAL: How to import and export data from/to Excel in MappIT

You can easily move data back and forth from MappIT to Excel, this can be useful to export data in excel, manipulate and the import again in MappIT.


For doing this you must follow some simple steps.

  1. Goto Mappit and display the data in grid format. This can be done selecting a table from the tree view

Or clicking the button “Show Data in Grid” in one of the master forms

  1. The data are then displayed in a new Tab. From this tab you can select all the row (selecting the upper-left rectangle) or some of them. Then using CtrlC (Copy) you Copy the data.


  1. Then goto Excel and using CtrlV (Paste) you can paste data.


  1. Now you can add new rows or modifying the existing ones. When you are ready, you can Copy all your columns, except the first one (ID). Remember also to NOT copy the header rows.
  2. Then go back to MappIT, delete all previous rows (using Canc) and then select all the columns except the first one (ID). In case of Past error, close excel saving the clipboard before exit; t hen past on MappIT again.
  3. You can also paste a single or a set of selected tables; in this case select column values (without header) in excel:

  4. Then select the whole column in MappIT and paste.

Now all the data are there. Please note that in case of lookup field the data that you manipulate are the text values and not the related ID, this means that if one field describe, for example, the Type of Requirement with a list of Values (“Functional”, “Non Functional”) in the excel you should put one of the two strings “Functional” or “Non Functional”. If you make some errors in this lookup values during the import in MappIT this rows will be discarded.



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