TUTORIAL: How to analyze MappIT information using INTERNAL tools

Now that the data are available in MappIT you can start analyze it. The first way, and the very simple one is to use the internal tool offered by MappIT, the second way is to link the Bigtables from more powerful tools like Microsoft PowerPivot or TableaSoftware Public. Let’s start with the first approach, the other one will be described in a future tutorial.

  1. First of all go to the Analyze section clicking on the “Analyze” Tab.

  2. From here you can see all major entity and relationships that are defined in the MappIT model. If you want to analyze on of them just click on the related “Analyze” button near to them. In this case another tab will open containing the Pivot form related to this item (in the picture we click on the “IT Module”-related “Analyze” button.

  3. From this form you can build your graph, dropping dimensions and measures in the pivot chart areas (the one named as “Axis Title”, “Categories”, …).
  4. In order to display the fields you can use to toolbar available on the top of the form. From this toolbar you can do many task like:
  • Changing the type of graph
  • Display the field list
  • Filter the data
  • Display the legend
  • Order the data
  • ….

The final result could be something similar to this:

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