TUTORIAL: How to analyze MappIT information using EXTERNAL tools

Now that the data are available in MappIT you can start analyze it. The first way, and the very simple one is to use the internal tool offered by MappIT, the second way is to link the Bigtables from more powerful tools like Microsoft PowerPivot or TableaSoftware Public. Let’s see now the second approach, the other one has been described in a past tutorial.

  1. First of all go you have to download TableaSoftware and install it. There is a version named Public that you can use for free (http://www.tableausoftware.com/public/download)
  2. Now launch Tableau, you will see the homepage of the reporting software
  3. Click the Button “Open Data”

  4. Now you should select the type of data source, obviously you have to select MS Access


  1. Now select the MappIT Mde file (pay attention, you DO NOT have to select the backend MDB database file but the MDE frontend one).

  2. The Tableua allow you to select which table you want to analyze. You can decide to analyze a single table or multiple tables joining them. For our purpose we will select a single table. The only thing to be aware of is to select one table starting with prefix “BT_”. This are the Big Tables (basically views on many tables) in MappIT which contain a lot of information aggregated from different source tables. In this example we will select BT_Module table.

  3. Click “Ok” and that’s all. Now you can start analyze very deeply the data. On the left side of the screen you can see all your dimensions and measures coming from the data you have just inserted in MappIT.

  4. You can drag and drop them into the sheet and see the result. Now it is only a matter of knowing how to do it with TableaSoftware (I suggest to download the PDF manual or to see some online trainin material from this link: http://www.tableausoftware.com/public/training).
  5. You can obtain with a little effort results like these on your IT Modules:

  6. Or like this on your IT Infrastructure:

  7. Or like this on your IT Skills:

  8. Or like this on your IT Organization:

  9. Or like this on your Business Objectives:

  10. Or many others using the other big tables.




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