TUTORIAL: How to use the HeatMap visualization tools in MappIT

This tutorial will explain very quickly how to use the visualization tools in MappIT.

  1. You need to select the “Tool” tab in MappIT


  1. From this screen you can select a wide set of tools. Now we will concentrate on the first tool named Heatmap. This is a tool which organize a Dataset (could be for example a dataset of capabilities, modules, processes…) in vertical set of boxes grouped by another dimension (e.g. for modules could be the status or the maturity, for processes could be the process area…). The box could be also coloured using a colour in a range between 2 selected colour based on another dimension (e.g. for module could be the complexity). The output is a single slide in PowerPoint which looks like the following:

  1. To start click on the button “Generate HeatMap” and then select the folder when you want to generate the PPT:


  2. The select the object which represent the dataset to be visualized, you can select one of the BigTables (for example BT_APP_Capability):



  3. Clicking “Next” then you have to select which attributes do you want to use as a label for the boxes(e.g. Capability_Name)



  4. Clicking “Next” then you have to select how to group the boxes (e.g. by Capability_Status):



  5. The clicking “Next” you have to decide if you want to color the HeatMap with different colours based on another attribute



  6. If you click “No”, the PPT will be generated without colours; while if you click “Yes” MappIT ask which attribute do you want to use to generate range of colours in your heat map (e.g. Capability_Priority):



  7. Finally you have to select 2 colours that you want to use as an extreme range for colours:


  8. Now if you click Next the PPT will be generated with different colours based on Priority. This is the final result:

  9. You can now open the PPT file and change the map as you want for your presentation purposes.



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I'm an IT Consultant with many years of experiences in IT Architecture, IT Governance and IT Strategy projects in many Market Sectors (Telco, Finance, Retail...)
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