TUTORIAL: How to handle spare fields in MappIT

This tutorial will explain very quickly how to setup spare fields in MappIT.

Spare fields are generic fields that are available to each of the following main entities:

  • Business Objectives
  • Processes
  • Capabilities
  • Modules
  • Impacts
  • IT Activities
  • Infrastructure
  • IT Organization
  • Initiative

These fields are used in case you need to track additional information (up to 10 fields of text) about this entities which are not available out of the box in the standard MappIT schema.

In order to make these spare fields available you need to configure them.

First of all you need to open the Spare Fields configuration table:


Click on “Z_Configuration: Spare Fields” and a table will appear as a new tab in MappIT.

In this table, you have to add a new row for each spare field you want to show in a form to capture the information. This row should include the following information:

  • Name_of_SpareField: this is the caption/label that will appear in the form
  • Number_of_SpareField: this is the spare field that will be used
  • Form: this is the name of the form where you want to display the spare field.

When you have fill-up this 3 information and go to the related form you will notice a new Tab appearing in the form named “Other Information”:


This tab will display the spare fields accordingly to the configuration, and you can use it to capture the additional information that you need.

The spare fields will be however displayed as their standard name (Spare1, Spare2…Spare10) in the Big tables and in the Pivot Chart:



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